I’m going to resume blogging.

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Dec 152009


It’s been awhile.

I used to write a weblog (which used to be hosted on Recursive Design’s website). I got tired. And became a bit concerned that my personal opinion would be confused with my Company’s opinion. You’d think that’d be impossible, confusing a person with a thing, but not these days.

I used to write a tumblelog also named ‘So‘. This is also on a bit of a hold—well, a lot of a hold. Tumblogs are remarkably difficult to keep up. What’s a tumblelog? To quote the Wikipedia:

The term tumblelog was coined by why the lucky stiff in a blog post on April 12, 2005, while describing Christian Neukirchen‘s Anarchia.

If you know much about Ruby you’ll recognise those two guys. Arachaia was the motivation behind my tumblelog. Wrote the software myself, maybe I’ll talk about that sometime.

Instead of the tumblelog, I twitter a bit. My most recent twitterings are over in the left most narrow column.

What can you expect to find here in the future?

  • xampl (the Ruby version, xamplr)
  • software development practice with a particular preoccupation with making things easier (i.e. fun)
  • programming languages, and how they are used
  • Ruby, Clojure, Common Lisp
  • politics, from a Canadian’s perspective… a Canadian with a distinct tilt to the left (I walk in tight counter-clockwise circles)

This is a personal weblog expressing a personal point of view.

What a totally graceless first post.

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